Prashanth Neel’s Crucial Meeting with NTR

Renowned director Prashanth Neel, known for the KGF series, recently had a significant discussion with actor NTR, focusing on the scheduling of their upcoming film. It’s widely acknowledged that Prashanth Neel committed to collaborating with NTR for a project scheduled to commence in mid-2024. However, due to various reasons, the project has faced delays.

Initially, the plan was for Prashanth Neel to kickstart the pre-production work for NTR’s film immediately, with shooting set to begin in the upcoming summer. Despite official announcements, the release of Salaar prompted producers and Prabhas to express a keen interest in initiating the sequel promptly, placing Prashanth Neel in a challenging situation.

This delay has led to the absence of any official announcement regarding Prashant Neel’s next project. Meanwhile, NTR is actively involved in Devara, and he is slated to join the sets of War 2 in March. Following this, a sequel to Devara is also in the pipeline, but its pre-production is expected to take some time. Hence, NTR considered beginning Prashant Neel’s film during this interim period. The final order of projects for Prashanth Neel and NTR remains to be seen.

Recently, Prashanth Neel met with NTR at his residence to discuss these matters extensively. The meeting was crucial, and official updates are anticipated soon based on the outcomes of these discussions.

Regarding the collaboration, Prashanth Neel shared, “It’s going to be a different film with different emotions. I would rather not get into the genre, but I know people will assume it to be an action film. I want to call it a very new story for me, which I hope to tell my audience. It has its own emotion, and I hope people relate to it.” The prestigious film will be jointly produced by Mythri Movie Makers and NTR Arts.

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