Prashanth Varma’s Delayed Announcement Disappoints Fans Eager for Hanuman OTT Release

The blockbuster hit “Hanuman,” which stormed theaters during Sankranti, notched up an impressive 300 crores globally and held its ground in cinemas for over 50 days. Its resounding success echoed not only in India but also reverberated across the USA.

With eager anticipation, fans await the official announcement of the movie’s OTT streaming debut. While Hindi satellite and digital streaming plans are set for March 16th, there’s been a notable silence regarding releases in other languages.

Director Prashanth Varma’s recent tweet promising an OTT update stirred excitement among fans on March 11th. However, despite the initial optimism, the awaited announcement is yet to materialize, leaving audiences disheartened. Speculations abound, with some hoping for an extended runtime in the OTT version, fueling anticipation for its eventual release.

On the heels of “Hanuman’s” success, Prashanth Varma hinted at a sequel titled “Jai Hanuman,” with pre-production already underway. Fans eagerly anticipate updates on both the OTT release date and the exciting prospects of the sequel, as Varma pledges to continue delivering pride-worthy content for his dedicated audience.

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