Prathinidhi 2’s Release Postponed Amid Censor Troubles: Satirical Film Faces Delays as Andhra Pradesh Elections Loom

With the political climate in Andhra Pradesh becoming increasingly intense, a wave of political-themed films is set to hit theaters. However, not all are having an easy time with their release. “Yatra 2” has already premiered but failed to capture much attention, while “Prathinidhi 2,” a highly anticipated political film featuring Nara Rohith, faces its own challenges.

The teasers, songs, and trailer for “Prathinidhi 2” were recently released, building anticipation for the film. Originally, the film was scheduled to premiere this Friday, but the censor process has caused delays. The movie’s satirical take on the political system and governance in Andhra Pradesh seems to have stirred up some controversy, leading to extended censor formalities. With elections around the corner, the film’s release has been postponed to a new date, which is expected to be announced soon.

“Prathinidhi 2” is the sequel to the 2014 political thriller “Prathinidhi,” also starring Nara Rohith. This sequel is directed by Murthy Devagupthapu and produced by Vanara Entertainments. The film’s satirical approach has drawn considerable attention, and its postponement has sparked discussions about its potential impact on the political scene

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