Premalu: Additional Screens to be Added Across Telugu States

By cinema manishi Mar 9, 2024 #premalu

SS Karthikeya, son of renowned filmmaker Rajamouli, has introduced the Malayalam hit “Premalu” to Telugu audiences, and the romantic drama hit screens yesterday amidst decent anticipation.

With positive word-of-mouth spreading rapidly after each screening, reports indicate that additional screens will be added starting today to accommodate the growing demand. Although “Premalu” had a limited release initially, the film’s buzz has surged, especially with endorsements from influential figures like Rajamouli himself.

The decision to bring “Premalu” to Telugu audiences stemmed from the solid hype generated by its Malayalam counterpart. Karthikeya seized the opportunity to capitalize on this momentum, leading to heightened excitement among Telugu moviegoers.

As the days unfold, all eyes will be on “Premalu” to see how it fares at the box office.”

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