Premalu and Manjummel Boys all set to Entertain Telugu Audience

Experience the Malayalam cinema magic with the recent blockbuster hits, ‘Premalu’ and ‘Manjummel Boys,’ captivating audiences in theaters. The Malayalam film industry is creating waves in the Indian cinema scene, with three consecutive hits, including the successful ‘Bramayugam.’ Although Mammootty’s ‘Bramayugam’ didn’t replicate its Malayalam success in the Telugu release, the spotlight is now on ‘Premalu,’ set to hit screens on 8th March. Spearheaded by Karthikeya, son of renowned director Rajamouli, the film aims to resonate with younger audiences and is anticipated to make a significant impact.

Following closely is the sensation, ‘Manjummel Boys,’ dominating the Malayalam and Tamil markets. This stellar success prompts its Telugu release on 15th March, sparking curiosity about its reception in new territories. As the Malayalam film industry continues to churn out quality projects, standing out amidst the challenges faced by other cinema industries, these back-to-back blockbusters showcase the industry’s resilience and creative prowess.

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