Premalu OTT streaming delayed?

By cinema manishi Mar 28, 2024 #premalu

The recently released Malayalam film Premalu has taken the box office by storm, grossing over 100 crores worldwide despite its modest cast. Its success has piqued the interest of audiences from other language demographics, eagerly awaiting its OTT release. However, there seems to be a delay in the streaming date for Premalu.

Following its blockbuster status in Malayalam, SS Karthikeya, son of Director Rajamouli, swiftly acquired the distribution rights and released the film in Telugu. It proved to be a sensation, outperforming other Telugu releases like Bhima and Gaami, grossing 10 crores and becoming the highest-grossing Telugu-dubbed Malayalam film.

Similarly, the film’s Tamil release, handled by Red Giant Films, has been met with success in that market as well. The streaming rights for Premalu were secured by the leading OTT platform Disney+Hotstar. Despite expectations of a streaming debut tonight, there’s been no official update on the timing.

Speculation suggests that the delay could be attributed to the team waiting for the film’s collections to stabilize. It remains to be seen whether the streaming date will be further postponed or if the film will indeed premiere tonight. Stay tuned for updates on the much-anticipated OTT release of Premalu.

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