Producer Karthik Sabareesh on Gaami’s Success and Future Ventures

By cinema manishi Mar 12, 2024 #gaami

In the aftermath of the recent success of Vishwak Sen’s “Gaami,” producer Karthik Sabareesh shared insights and reflections on the film’s journey during a media interaction. Here’s a transcript of the conversation:

Q: How does it feel with Gaami receiving applause from all quarters?

A: For newcomers like us, releasing a film and witnessing its success is truly significant. The overwhelming response to Gaami has filled us with excitement. The success of the film has instilled confidence in us to produce more high-quality films, and I express my gratitude to the audience for this achievement.

Q: We heard that the VFX team from Game of Thrones worked on Gaami. Can you share more details about it?

A: Director Vidhyadar gave special attention to VFX, showcasing a strong command of special effects. Gaami incorporates extensive VFX, and our goal was to achieve the best possible output within our limitations. The lion sequence, for instance, was executed by LightCut FX VFX team, with our team adding a distinctive touch. This collaboration allowed us to minimize costs, and without the pressure of strict deadlines, we were able to deliver a solid cinematic experience.

Q: Did you begin the film with funds obtained through crowdfunding?

A: The funds raised through crowdfunding were relatively modest. However, it was not feasible to commence the project only after securing the entire budget. We initiated the first schedule in Nellore, my hometown, making it easier to obtain permissions. The Nellore schedule was completed within our budget. Challenges arose, but Nag Ashwin reached out to us, providing a video endorsement after observing our preparation. This, along with support from various associations, allowed us to move forward.

Q: Did the budget increase after V. Celluloid got associated with Gaami?

A: The budget adjustments occurred after the enhancement of Vishwak Sen’s market value. His consecutive hits bolstered our confidence, and we felt more secure when V. Celluloid joined forces with us.

Q: What attracted you the most to Gaami’s story?

A: Gaami was initiated before comparisons with other films emerged. The climax, in particular, struck us with its unique concept. The director’s narration highlighted this distinctive element, inspiring us to undertake the project.

Q: Can you share details about your upcoming films?

A: Currently serving as the executive producer for Chiranjeevi’s “Vishwambara,” I will consider new projects post its completion.

Karthik Sabareesh’s insights shed light on the challenges, collaborations, and unique aspects that contributed to the success of “Gaami,” offering a glimpse into the producer’s perspective in the dynamic world of Telugu cinema.

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