Pushpa 2: The Rule’s New Song Fails to Impress Tamil Fans

By cinema manishi May 4, 2024 #pushpa 2

Pushpa: The Rise,” starring Allu Arjun, made waves across India, becoming a major hit in multiple regions, including the Tamil market. However, the recently released song from the sequel, “Pushpa 2: The Rule,” titled “Pushpa Pushpa,” has not garnered the same level of enthusiasm among Tamil fans.

While the song has achieved significant popularity in the Telugu and Hindi versions, with over 10 million views in each, the Tamil version has only reached about 1 million views. This disparity suggests a less enthusiastic reception among Tamil audiences, which could be concerning for a film aiming to be a pan-India success.

Previous sequels of blockbusters like “Baahubali 2” and “KGF Chapter 2” saw strong performances in the Tamil market, indicating the importance of this demographic for achieving high box office numbers. The Tamil language also has a robust overseas market, further emphasizing the need for success in this region.

The “Pushpa 2” team is likely paying close attention to the response to their new song, as they aim for a milestone of 1000 crore in box office revenue. While the initial reaction in the Tamil market has been underwhelming, there’s still hope that future songs or promotional content can turn the tide.

With high production values and a strong foundation from the first film, “Pushpa 2” has the potential to capture the Tamil market’s attention. The film’s success in this key region could significantly impact its overall performance and contribute to its goal of becoming a pan-India blockbuster.

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