Rajamouli & Family Unharmed in Japan Earthquake Escape

By cinema manishi Mar 21, 2024 #rajamouli

Maverick Director Rajamouli and Team RRR’s recent visit to Japan for special screenings of their blockbuster movie RRR has been eventful, to say the least. As the film nears its two-year milestone since its theatrical release, the love from Japanese audiences continues to pour in.

However, their stay took an unexpected turn this morning when they experienced a scary earthquake. Karthikeya, Rajamouli’s son and a key member of the team, shared the harrowing experience on social media. “Felt a freaking earthquake in Japan just now!!! Was on the 28th floor and slowly the ground started to move and took us a while to realize it was an earthquake. I was just about to panic but all the Japanese around did not budge as if it just started to rain!! (sic),” he tweeted, adding a touch of humor with, “Experience an earthquake box ticked.”

Concerns about the safety of Rajamouli and his family flooded in from fans worldwide upon reading Karthikeya’s tweet. Despite the scare, the team remains unharmed and resilient.

In other news, Karthikeya recently unveiled exciting collaborations with the creators of Baahubali, featuring renowned Malayalam actor Fahadh Faazil in the lead roles. These announcements have sparked anticipation among cinephiles eager to witness the magic of these upcoming ventures.

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