Rajamouli’s Upcoming Project: Superstar Mahesh Babu’s New Look Kept Under Wraps for ‘Maharaja

By cinema manishi Feb 22, 2024 #rajamouli

It’s no secret that acclaimed director Rajamouli is set to helm a project starring superstar Mahesh Babu in his next venture. Currently, the film is in its pre-production phase, with Rajamouli actively engaged in casting for the upcoming production.

Recent buzz within the film industry suggests that Rajamouli has advised Mahesh Babu to refrain from attending public events for the next few months. Speculations indicate that this directive stems from Rajamouli’s intention to maintain secrecy around Mahesh’s new appearance for the film.

The renowned actor has already commenced a rigorous fitness regimen in preparation for his role, promising audiences a transformative portrayal. Adding to the intrigue, the production team has enlisted the expertise of a Hollywood trainer to ensure Mahesh achieves his desired physique.

Furthermore, discussions hint at the title “Maharaja” for the project, reflecting its adventurous thriller theme. With Rajamouli and his team meticulously crafting each aspect, anticipation mounts for further updates on this highly anticipated cinematic endeavor. Stay tuned for more exciting developments.

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