Ram Charan Massaging Upasana’s Feet: A Viral Display of Affection

By cinema manishi Mar 2, 2024 #ram charan

Experience the charm of Tollywood’s favorite couple, Ram Charan and Upasana, as they grace the pre-wedding celebration of Anant Ambani and Radhika Merchant. Known for setting relationship goals, the duo continues to melt hearts with their affectionate gestures.

In a recent viral video circulating on social media, Ram Charan and Upasana are captured during their journey to Jamnagar, arriving in style aboard a chartered flight. The highlight of the footage? Ram Charan’s tender act of massaging Upasana’s feet as she indulges in a moment of rest. With the caption “Fly to Jamnagar with us,” the video has quickly become a talking point among fans and netizens alike.

Witnessing such genuine displays of love, admirers are quick to shower praises on Ram Charan, suggesting that he deserves the title of “Best Husband” for his unwavering devotion to Upasana.

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