Ram Charan Receives Praise, Allu Arjun Faces Criticism: A Tale of Contrasting Reactions

For fans of Pawan Kalyan, this is undoubtedly a time for celebration, marked by a gathering of the entire film fraternity at Chiranjeevi’s residence to honor Kalyan’s triumph in the elections.

What resonated deeply with fans was the touching gesture captured in footage shared online. Despite his global stardom, Ram Charan humbly sought blessings from his uncle Pawan Kalyan and aunt Anna Lezhnava, showcasing the close-knit bond within the family.

The warmth and affection evident among the family members have left fans captivated. However, the absence of anyone from the ‘Allu’ clan in the video has stirred controversy, especially after Allu Arjun’s involvement in a campaign for a YSRCP candidate. This move has led ‘Mega’ fans to express their disappointment, with some even vowing to boycott Arjun’s future films.

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