Ram Charan’s Industry Hit “Magadheera” to Have Special Birthday Shows

By cinema manishi Mar 22, 2024 #magadheera

The resurgence of re-releases in the film industry has sparked a trend where previously underappreciated movies find newfound success with a growing fan base. Leveraging this trend, another iconic film is set to grace the screens once again. Ram Charan‘s blockbuster hit, “Magadheera,” will be treated to special screenings on his birthday.

The official Twitter handle of Geetha Arts confirmed this exciting news, announcing that the screenings will commence from 8 AM onwards. This announcement has undoubtedly thrilled fans, as “Magadheera” holds a special place in South Indian cinema history, previously reigning as an industry hit until being surpassed by Shankar’s “Enthiran” (Robo). The success of “Magadheera” also catapulted Ram Charan to newfound fame and adoration among audiences.

Meanwhile, Ram Charan is actively engaged in the filming of “Game Changer” under the direction of the visionary filmmaker Shankar. The production is progressing rapidly, with crucial scenes recently shot at Vizag’s RK Beach. Additionally, the grand launch of his upcoming project, “RC16,” with Buchi Babu Sana has further heightened anticipation among fans. Rumors abound of a potential collaboration between Ram Charan and director Sukumar for “RC17,” potentially adding to the excitement for fans. Truly, a thrilling time lies ahead for aficionados of the talented actor.

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