Renowned Music Director Extols GV Prakash Kumar’s Talent in Rare Gesture

In 2006, GV Prakash Kumar made his debut as a music director with “Veyil” before venturing into acting, driven by his passion for the craft. Notably, he is the nephew of the renowned music director, AR Rahman.

Recently, in an interview, GV Prakash Kumar reminisced about a significant milestone in his 17-year musical career: the moment he received appreciation from his uncle, AR Rahman, for the first time. This momentous recognition came after Rahman watched “Captain Miller” and commended GV Prakash Kumar’s exceptional background score. Describing the experience as special, GV Prakash Kumar expressed his overwhelming joy, emphasizing that such praise from Rahman was both rare and unforgettable.

Looking towards the future, GV Prakash Kumar has a packed schedule with upcoming projects like “Thangalaan,” “Emergency,” “Lucky Baskhar,” “Robin Hood,” and “Chiyaan 62.” Stay tuned for further updates on his captivating musical journey.

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