Sai Dharam Tej Set to Begin Filming Period Drama in July

By Rishi Apr 27, 2024 #sai dharam tej

After a triumphant return with the blockbuster film “Virupaksha,” Sai Dharam Tej has rejuvenated his career and is now ready to dive back into action.

The latest buzz is that his upcoming film is set to commence filming in July of this year. Produced by Niranjan Reddy, the mastermind behind “HanuMan,” this period drama promises to transport audiences to the 1940s era and will boast of a substantial budget.

Helmed by the new director Rakesh, this project holds immense potential to propel Tej’s career to greater heights. With Tej aiming for another box office triumph to solidify his standing in the industry, all eyes are on this upcoming venture to see if it will deliver the desired results.

By Rishi

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