Salaar: Hundreds of Fans Catch the Action for Free, Details Revealed

The tradition of midnight shows was not widely embraced in Telangana initially, but with the release of Salaar, fan excitement has witnessed a resurgence. The Telangana government granted permission for these midnight screenings, allowing multiple single screens and multiplexes to feature Prabhas’s Salaar from 1 AM today.

Although a considerable number of fans attended the screenings, there were instances of individuals watching the film without paying. Specifically, Salaar premiered at 1 AM in Sandhya Theatre at RTC Crossroads, where the gates were opened just minutes before. Hundreds of fans rushed into the theatre, and the management found it challenging to control the situation.

Approximately 200 fans ended up watching the film standing, without valid tickets. Those who had purchased tickets had no alternative but to experience the movie amidst disturbance and discomfort.

A similar scenario unfolded at the popular Mallikarjuna theatre in KPHB, Hyderabad. Hundreds of fans gathered at the theatre, opting to watch the film without purchasing tickets. Law enforcement had to intervene to disperse the crowds.

This occurrence underscores the immense influence of Prabhas. Fans eagerly anticipated the Rebel star’s involvement in such a film, and with the positive response, there is a rush to experience the movie at the earliest opportunity.

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