Salaar: Prithviraj Sukumaran Reveals Unique Narrative Structure

By cinema manishi Mar 23, 2024 #salaar

During an interview discussing his upcoming Malayalam film, “The Goat Life,” Malayalam actor Prithviraj Sukumaran shared intriguing details about the much-anticipated film “Salaar.” He unveiled that the first part of “Salaar” serves as a prelude to the main storyline, revealing that director Prashant Neel initially conceived both parts as a single narrative. Prithviraj disclosed that the climax of “Salaar: Part 1” functions as the interval point for the entire story.

In a bold move, Prithviraj himself proposed splitting “Salaar” into two parts, recognizing the richness and depth of the narrative. He emphasized the film’s substantial content, echoing sentiments from viewers who expressed appreciation for the wealth of information within. Prithviraj’s decision resonated with audience feedback, reinforcing the need for an expanded storyline.

Meanwhile, director Prashant Neel is immersed in the highly anticipated sequel, “Salaar: Shouryanga Parvam.” Set to feature Prabhas in a dual role and boasting an impressive ensemble cast, the sequel is crafted with a lavish budget and is slated for a nationwide release. Prabhas, concurrently, is engaged in filming “Raja Saab” under the direction of Maruthi, further heightening anticipation for his upcoming projects.

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