Salaar secures special screenings at 1 am and 4 am in Telangana

The highly anticipated movie “Salaar,” starring Prabhas, is generating immense excitement among fans as its first installment, “Salaar Part 1: Ceasefire,” is scheduled to hit the big screens this Friday. In a delightful turn of events for Prabhas’ admirers, the Telangana government has granted approval for early screenings of the film, allowing movie shows as early as 1 am. Adding to the positive news, the state government has also given the green light for the film’s makers to increase ticket prices.

According to a repors, the Telangana government issued a statement, saying, “After careful examination of the matter, the government hereby permits the 6th show at 4 am on 22.12.2023 in Telangana state for the movie ‘Salaar’ and also allows a hike of rates by Rs 65 and Rs 100 for single screens and multiplexes, respectively.”

The government’s statement highlighted that, following a thorough evaluation, it has sanctioned the 6th show at 4 am on December 22. Additionally, the government has granted permission for “Salaar” to commence its screenings from 1 am on its opening day, specifying the names of the theaters permitted to do so.

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