Shocking: Anjali Defends Balakrishna’s Controversial Act at Pre-Release Event

Nandamuri Balakrishna recently faced significant backlash from netizens due to his inappropriate behavior at the pre-release event of “Gangs of Godavari” (2024). The actor was seen with a water bottle filled with alcohol and was caught on camera shoving actress Anjali on stage.

While Anjali responded playfully to Balakrishna’s gesture, social media users were quick to condemn the act, labeling it as ‘inappropriate’. This incident led to widespread criticism and negative headlines across various web portals. In an attempt to address the controversy, Vishwak Sen claimed the alcohol bottle seen in the footage was computer-generated (CG), but this explanation was widely dismissed.

Recently, Anjali took to Twitter to discuss the incident, defending Balakrishna by highlighting their long-standing friendship and mutual respect. She emphasized that the incident was unintentional, aiming to put the controversy to rest.

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