Shraddha Das and Rashmika Mandanna’s Narrow Escape from Near-Death Flight Experience

By cinema manishi Feb 18, 2024 #shraddha das

Actresses Shraddha Das and Rashmika Mandanna narrowly escaped a harrowing flight experience yesterday, thankfully confirming their safety with a posted picture together.

Expressing her alarm over the incident, Shraddha Das took to her social media platforms to address the subpar service of Vistara airline. She urged the airline to thoroughly inspect their aircraft for any recurring technical issues, emphasizing the gravity of the situation. Praising the pilot for their prompt decision-making in executing an emergency landing, Shraddha Das underscored the potential severity of the situation, highlighting the safety of over 100 passengers aboard.

Shraddha’s plea garnered significant support from many individuals who criticized the airline for compromising passenger safety. However, as of now, Vistara has not issued a response to the complaint, leaving concerns unresolved.

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