Siddarth Criticizes Male Audience Response to “Animal” at JFW Movie Awards

By cinema manishi Apr 14, 2024 #animal #siddarth

Renowned Tamil actor Siddarth voiced his disapproval of the film “Animal,” directed by Sandeep Reddy Vanga, during a recent speech at the JFW Movie Awards where he was honored. Addressing the audience, Siddarth shared his observations, revealing that while many male viewers found “Animal” appealing, they previously deemed his own films disturbing. Interestingly, he noted that female audiences didn’t share this sentiment.

Drawing comparisons between the two films, Siddarth highlighted the disparity in audience reactions, suggesting a preference among male viewers for “Animal” over his own works. Despite this, he expressed confidence that his films would eventually garner the same level of appreciation from all audiences.

However, Siddarth’s remarks sparked debate, with some questioning the relevance of his comments. Contrary to his assertions, “Animal” lacks a tragic narrative or ending, while Siddarth’s previous film “Chithha” resonated positively with audiences despite its tragic elements. Despite any perceived disappointment, Siddarth’s performances have consistently earned praise, indicating no cause for concern.

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