Siddharth’s Potential Collaboration with Female Director Sparks Excitement in Film Circles

By cinema manishi Feb 27, 2024 #siddharth

Actor Siddharth, renowned for his breakthrough role in Chithha (known as Chinna in Telugu), is gearing up for multiple forthcoming ventures. Recent speculations hint at his potential collaboration with a female director.

Aishwarya Rajinikanth’s recent directorial venture, Lal Salaam, despite featuring Rajinikanth, struggled to leave a mark at the box office. Nevertheless, there are whispers suggesting Siddharth’s interest in a script proposed by Aishwarya, albeit with certain modifications requested.

Despite the underperformance of Lal Salaam, Aishwarya is being entrusted with another opportunity. The unfolding narrative holds intrigue as to how she will capitalize on this chance and the potential contributions Siddharth might bring to the table. Keep an eye out for more updates.

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