SP Charan Files Lawsuit Against Director Tharun Bhascker Over Unauthorized Use of SP Balasubrahmanyam’s AI-Generated Voice in “Keeda Cola”

SP Charan Sues Tharun Bhascker for Using AI-Generated Voice of SP Balasubrahmanyam in “Keeda Cola”

In a recent legal move, SP Charan, son of the legendary SP Balasubrahmanyam, has taken director Tharun Bhascker to court over allegations of unauthorized use of his father’s voice generated through Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the film “Keeda Cola.” Charan contends that the utilization of his father’s voice in the movie constitutes unauthorized recreation.

Charan’s legal representative, Kavitha Deenadayalan, underscores that while recreating the iconic singer’s voice using AI by fans is acceptable, such usage in commercial endeavors like films mandates prior consent and proper accreditation.

The petitioner, SP Charan, seeks redress in the form of a formal apology, compensation of 1 crore rupees for damages incurred, and a share of royalties. This landmark case marks the first instance of legal action against the unlawful utilization of AI-generated voices of deceased singers.

Notably, renowned musician AR Rahman recently recreated the voices of Shahul Hameed and Bamba Bakya for the film “Lal Salaam,” after obtaining consent from their families and duly crediting them.

The narrative of “Keeda Cola” mirrors the legal battle depicted in the film, with the director ironically facing a similar predicament in real life.

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