Sri Ram Navami Recipes: Special Dishes to Prepare on Ram Navami Festival Day

1.On Chane Usli & Godu Phovu – This is yet another prasad made in temples, even on Ram Navami day in some places. Chane Usli is seasoned black chickpeas and Godu Phovu is sweetened rice flakes. The combination is delicious and hardly takes time to make. On occasion of Ram Navami, there are some dishes which are made in every Konkani household on this day. Though it may vary with every family, these dishes are the most commonly made ones.

2.Sheera – Also known as Rava Kesari in South India, this sweet was regularly made on festive days at many house by grandmother and mother. They used sugar but some use jaggery in it since many years.

3.Muga dali Usli – Moong dal is another form that is made on Ram Navami. It is seasoned in a simple manner and cooked either till soft or mushy. Make this during those sudden hunger pangs too as it is very healthy and delicious.

4. Paanak – This drink is made on Rama Navami in temples and served to all the devotees. One of the most precious memories of our childhood is when we used to wait for our turn to get to drink this refreshing Paanak in Venkatarama temple, Katapadi. Though the ones made in temples are divine and heavenly, we can easily make it at home to dedicate to Lord Rama on his birth day.

5.Muga Dali Kosambari – This is also a offering made commonly on Ram Navami in not only Konkani households but also among Kannadigas, Tamilians and Telugu community too. It is a salad with soaked moong dal, cucumber and carrots. I make it regularly even otherwise as it is very tasty and healthy too.

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