Sriranga Neethulu Telugu Movie Review: Comedy Drama

Sriranga Neethulu chronicles the travels of four young individuals whose circumstances are sympathetic, understandable, and occasionally all too uncomfortable. Suhas plays electronics repairman Samson Shiva, a regular guy who wants everyone to know about his charitable work, especially those in his neighborhood. Karthik, played by Kartik Rathnam, is a drug addict who doesn’t appear to want to get his life back on track. 

Finally, the upper middle class elites Varun and Aishwarya are having to deal with the fallout from their family’s underlying conservatism. These three stories are parallel to one another yet have connections between them.

A conventional multi-narrative movie would have found a means to give its characters something in common. That is not what Sriranga Neethulu does. The four main characters in the movie don’t share any traits. At one point, Shiva even mocks Aishwarya in passing while observing the privileges that the wealthy always seem to have.

 The empathy that Sriranga Neethulu gives to each of these characters is constant. We support them in their struggles even though they differ in their moral complexity and outlook on the world.

This kind of movie relies as much on form as it does on narrative, and the filmmaker knows this. Due solely to Praveen Kumar’s fine use of tone, several of these scenes come together. 

The movie never fails to remind us that Karthik is a flawed man despite his extreme recklessness. 

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