Suhas and Dushyanth Katikaneni’s Ambajipeta Marriage Band: Now Streaming on Aha Gold

By cinema manishi Feb 29, 2024 #suhas

Renowned Telugu actor Suhas and newcomer Dushyanth Katikaneni have joined forces to present the captivating village drama “Ambajipeta Marriage Band,” which premiered in theaters on February 2, 2024.

Exciting news for streaming enthusiasts: the film is now available exclusively on the digital platform Aha. However, there’s a catch – it’s accessible only to Aha Gold subscribers for early viewing. Non-subscribers can anticipate its release starting tomorrow.

In her inaugural feature film role, Shivani Nagaram shines alongside acclaimed actors Goparaju Ramana, Jagadeesh Prathap Bandari, Swarnakanth, and others. With musical compositions by Sekhar Chandra, this production by Dheeraj Mogilineni promises an engaging cinematic experience. Stay tuned for further updates on OTT platforms.

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