Sundaram Master Review: Good First Half, Slow Second Half


  • Sundar Rao (Harsha Chemudu), an English teacher with a mysterious mission, arrives in the remote village of Miryalametta.
  • The movie revolves around how Sundar Rao is treated by the English-speaking villagers and whether he succeeds in his mission.

Plus Points:

  • Harsha Chemudu delivers a noteworthy performance in his debut lead role, showcasing his talent with witty banter and expressive acting.
  • The humorous interactions between Harsha and the villagers, particularly in the second half, are well-executed and highlight the innocence of the characters.
  • Balakrishna Neelakantapu and the supporting cast offer commendable performances, effectively engaging the audience.

Minus Points:

  • The director could have maintained a more fast-paced and gripping narration, especially in the second half, to sustain audience interest.
  • While the first half captivates with its comedic charm, the second half struggles to maintain the same level of humor, and emotional scenes lack execution.
  • Characters like Divya Sripada and Harsha Vardhan lack substantial impact on the overall narrative.
  • Certain scenes, including the climax, feel unnatural and could have been better executed.

Technical Aspects:

  • Writer and director Kalyan Santhosh’s efforts to entertain are evident, but a more substantial story and screenplay could have enhanced the film’s appeal.
  • Music by Sricharan Pakala and cinematography by Deepak Yeragera meet satisfactory standards, while editing by Karthik Vunnava is seamless.
  • The art department’s work deserves acknowledgment, and the production values are decent.


  • Sundaram Master offers an okay comedy drama experience, propelled by Harsha Chemudu’s decent performance and comedic scenes.
  • However, the film’s thin plot, slow pacing, weak screenplay, and lack of emotional depth in the second half pose significant obstacles.
  • Considering alternative entertainment options may be advisable this weekend.

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