Surya Tilak: How science will get Sun to kiss Ram Lalla’s forehead on Ram Navami

After 500 years of wait, Ram Lalla will celebrate Ram Navami in his own home Ayodhya. 

During the ritual, Surya Tilak will happen and Sun’s rays will be focused on Ram Lalla’s idol forehead.

The practice of Surya Abhishek using mechanics is old and is practised in Ancient temples of Indian subcontinents.

At 12 noon on 17th April, sun rays will fall on the forehead of Ram lalla and lighten it.

This will happen for more than 2 minutes.

It involves the phenomenon of optics and mechanics where the sun’s rays are made to fall on the idol’s forehead.

The exact same mechanism has been used in the Ram temple, where the engineering is found a little different.

This event, elaborately planned by the Sri Ram Janmabhoomi Teerth Kshetra Trust, highlights a harmonious blend of tradition and science.

Anticipating a huge rush of devotees on the occasion of Ram Navami, Ayodhya Ram Janmbhoomi Trust has issued guidelines for the people visiting Ram Temple 

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