Teja Sajja and Prasanth Varma Meet Telangana Governor

Tollywood’s first blockbuster of 2024, “Hanu-Man,” recently completed a 100-day theatrical run across 25 centers, celebrating with a special event in Hyderabad. Despite being in theaters for over four months, the superhero film continues to receive praise from prominent figures.

Earlier today, actor Teja Sajja and director Prasanth Varma had the privilege of meeting the Governor of Telangana, C P Radhakrishnan. The governor took a few minutes to speak with them, congratulating them on their blockbuster success and for their powerful depiction of mythological superheroes on screen. As a token of appreciation, the duo presented the Governor with an idol of Hanu-Man, and their meeting photographs quickly went viral on social media.

Regarding the sequel, “Jai Hanuman,” director Prasanth Varma announced that many big stars will join the cast. He also revealed that the film would be released in IMAX 3D. Pre-production is currently underway, and shooting is expected to begin soon. Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting sequel.

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