Telugu Film Industry’s Quiet Weekend in April 2024 | No Major Releases

By cinema manishi Apr 22, 2024 #telugu movies

The Telugu film industry experienced a subdued weekend in April 2024, with no major releases capturing the attention of audiences. Despite a few new films hitting theaters last Friday, including “Paarijatha Parvam,” “Tenant,” “Market Mahalakshmi,” and “Theppa Samudram,” none managed to create significant buzz prior to their release.

After their debut on the big screen, these films struggled to engage audiences due to a lack of compelling content, leading to poor viewer turnout. The lackluster reception resulted in low box office performance, marking a quiet weekend for the Telugu film industry.

The only notable event of the week was the re-release of Nani’s beloved film “Jersey,” celebrating its 5th anniversary. This offered audiences a chance to experience the magic of this classic once again on the big screen, providing a nostalgic highlight amidst an otherwise unremarkable week.

Stay tuned for further updates on the Telugu film industry and upcoming releases.

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