Telugu Movies Struggle at Box Office Amid AP General Elections and IPL Fever

By cinema manishi May 12, 2024 #telugu movies

Amidst the fervor of the AP general elections and the ongoing IPL cricket season, a handful of Telugu movies graced the cinemas last Friday. Satyadev’s “Krishnamma” and Nara Rohit’s “Prathinidhi 2” garnered moderate buzz compared to their counterparts.

However, despite their efforts, both films failed to make a significant impact at the box office. With the looming threat posed by the upcoming polls on Monday, these movies face an uphill battle. Other releases like “Aarambham” and “Satya” also struggled to gain traction, with limited screenings across AP and TS.

These films received scant attention from audiences, resulting in lackluster performances at the ticket windows. The industry now awaits to see how Tollywood will rebound with post-election releases, hoping for a resurgence in audience interest.

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