TFPC Debunks Fake News: Theaters’ Shutdown in Telugu States Misrepresented

By Rishi May 16, 2024 #theaters

The recent news of the temporary closure of single-screen cinemas in Telangana has sparked widespread discussion across social media platforms. Many netizens are attributing this development to the trend of prioritizing PAN Indian films, expressing concerns over its impact on local cinema.

However, the Telugu Film Producers Council (TFPC) has stepped forward to address and refute these claims. In a statement, TFPC clarified that the decision to shut down certain single-screen theaters in both Telugu-speaking states was taken independently by their respective owners. The association emphasized that neither the Telugu Film Chamber of Commerce nor the Telangana State Film Chamber of Commerce, nor TFPC itself, had received any official notices from cinema owners or any other relevant associations regarding the closure of theaters.

The press release further explained that the closure was attributed to individual decisions made by a few theater owners, influenced by factors such as reduced revenues due to concurrent events like elections and the popularity of the Indian Premier League (IPL). TFPC reiterated that the apex bodies of the Telugu film industry bear no responsibility for these closures and sought to clarify their stance on the matter.

By Rishi

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