“The Raja Saab” Actress Malavika Mohanan Reveals Her Dream Role

Malavika Mohanan, known for her roles in Rajinikanth’s “Petta” and Vijay’s “Master,” is a prominent actress in Kollywood who continues to expand her cinematic repertoire. She is set to star alongside Vikram in the upcoming film “Thangalaan,” a project that has garnered significant attention.

Recently, during a Q&A session on the X platform, Malavika engaged with fans, revealing intriguing insights about her aspirations in the film industry. One particular question led her to express her enthusiasm for playing a gangster. “Will be interesting to see a woman play a cool gangster, no? And now that I’m trained in action sequences as well, will be fun to explore that side more,” she remarked. This revelation sparked excitement among her followers, suggesting that she is ready to embrace more dynamic and action-packed roles.

Beyond “Thangalaan,” Malavika Mohanan is making her Tollywood debut in “The Raja Saab,” where she will share the screen with Tollywood star Prabhas in the title role. Directed by Maruthi, this highly anticipated film features musical compositions by Thaman, further elevating its appeal.

Malavika’s versatility and willingness to take on diverse roles are making her a standout in the Indian film industry. Her desire to play a gangster role has piqued the interest of fans, indicating that she might explore new and exciting characters in the near future. Keep an eye out for her performances in both Kollywood and Tollywood as she continues to make waves in Indian cinema

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