The Raja Saab: Anticipating Updates – Prabhas Fans’ Awaited Moment

By Rishi Apr 20, 2024 #prabhas #the raja saab

Prabhas, a PAN Indian star, is currently engrossed in multiple projects, one of which is “The Raja Saab.” Directed by Maruthi, the film is anticipated to blend horror with comedy. Featuring Malvika Mohanan, Niddhi Agarwal, and Riddhi Kumar as the female leads, the project stirred excitement with its first look launch. However, since then, updates from People Media Factory have been scarce.

Initially, the makers promised regular updates, but this pledge has not been fulfilled, prompting Prabhas’ fans to petition for information. It’s rumored that the production house will maintain radio silence until the release of Prabhas’ sci-fi endeavor, “Kalki 2898 AD.”

Concerns over diluting the impact of the content have led the makers to withhold updates for the time being. As for the release date of “Kalki 2898 AD,” no definitive information has emerged, although an official announcement is anticipated in the near future.

By Rishi

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