Three OTT Disappointments This Weekend

By cinema manishi Mar 9, 2024 #OTT

This week brought three major disappointments for OTT audiences. The most significant letdown was the postponement of the OTT streaming of Hanu-Man.

While all other Sankranti releases and subsequent films have already been available for streaming on OTT platforms, Hanu-Man was expected to premiere on Zee5 from March 8th. However, the movie has not been released yet, and there has been no update from the team regarding the new streaming date.

The second disappointment came with Lal Salaam. Despite its release on February 9th and poor performance at the box office, audiences were eagerly awaiting its streaming, especially due to Rajnikanth’s extended cameo role. The expected streaming date on Netflix was March 8th, but there has been no update.

Similarly, Yatra 2 also failed to make an impact at the box office. However, audiences were curious to see the content of the film. The expected streaming date on Prime Video was March 8th, yet no update has been provided.

While many films started streaming on March 8th, Telugu audiences are still eagerly awaiting the release of these three films, particularly Hanu-Man. Their disappointment was somewhat alleviated by the surprise arrival of “Ooru Peru Bhairavakona” on an OTT platform just three weeks after its theatrical release.

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