Tillu Square: Naga Vamsi’s Projections for Day One and Lifetime Collection Revealed

By cinema manishi Mar 29, 2024 #naga vamsi

Tillu Square emerged as one of Telugu cinema’s most eagerly awaited films, delivering an impressive debut at the box office. Siddhu Jonnalagadda and Anupama Parameswaran effortlessly met the soaring expectations surrounding the film.

With high anticipation from audiences, the producers anticipate significant numbers on the opening day. Naga Vamsi, the producer, expressed confidence during a press interaction, projecting a remarkable 25 crore on the first day alone, a testament to Siddhu’s popularity.

In the Nizam region alone, Tillu Square is poised to debut with an approximate gross of 8 crores, as revealed by Naga Vamsi. With few major releases in the pipeline, the film is expected to amass substantial revenues at the box office, as per the esteemed producer.

Looking ahead, Naga Vamsi envisions the film grossing 100 crores throughout its theatrical run, capitalizing on the festive seasons of Ugadhi and Ramzan. Despite the concurrent IPL season, the producer remains optimistic about the film’s revenue prospects. Anupama Parameswaran shines as the female lead in the movie, featuring music by Ram Miryala. Sai Soujanya co-produces, while Bheems Ceciroleo handles the compelling background score.

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