Unlocking Inner Peace: Rashmika’s Stress Relief Secret Revealed

By Rishi Mar 24, 2024 #pushpa 2 #rashmika

Renowned actress Rashmika has established herself as one of the leading stars in the country, boasting an impressive track record of successful films. Recently, she garnered widespread attention when her traditional look from the highly anticipated “Pushpa 2” went viral across various platforms.

Amidst her hectic schedule filled with assignments worldwide, Rashmika was questioned about how she manages stress and potential feelings of depression that often accompany such demanding lifestyles.

In response, Rashmika revealed in an interview that she has recently embraced the practice of breathwork, which has significantly transformed her life for the better. For the uninitiated, breathwork encompasses various techniques that involve the intentional utilization of breath to promote physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

This holistic practice has gained popularity worldwide in recent times, and Rashmika attests to its effectiveness in providing her with solid relief. Fans can anticipate her next appearance in the film “Girlfriend,” directed by Rahul Ravindran, as she continues to shine on the silver screen.

By Rishi

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