Varun Tej’s ‘Matka’: A Tale Inspired by the Life of a Notorious Gambler

By cinema manishi Mar 17, 2024 #matka #varun tej

After the disappointment of his last film, “Operation Valentine,” Varun Tej has moved forward to his next project, “Matka,” helmed by Karuna Kumar.

“Matka” has been making headlines due to rumors surrounding budget cuts following the box office failure of “Operation Valentine.” However, the latest buzz suggests that the film is loosely inspired by the life of the Matka King, Ratan Khatri.

Ratan Khatri gained notoriety as the Matka King in the late 1960s due to his involvement in gambling. Reports indicate that Varun Tej is set to portray Ratan Khatri in the film, although an official confirmation is awaited.

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