Venkatesh’s Daughter Hayavahini Ties the Knot in Hyderabad | Grand Reception Awaited

By cinema manishi Mar 16, 2024 #venkatesh

The household of Venkatesh is in a joyous mood as his star daughter, Hayavahini, celebrates her wedding day in Hyderabad. The ceremony took place in the vibrant Narsingi area, marking a momentous occasion for the family.

Nishanth, a respected doctor from Vijayawada, is set to join in the celebrations with a lavish reception planned for the day after tomorrow. Adding to the festivities, Venkatesh recently hosted a glamorous cocktail bash at the prestigious Ramanaidu studios, attended by some of the biggest names in Telugu cinema. The affair was kept private, adding an exclusive touch to the celebration.

With Venkatesh taking a break from his busy schedule to focus on his daughter’s wedding, the atmosphere is filled with excitement and anticipation. Stay tuned for further updates on this joyous occasion.

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