Vishnu Manchu Unveils Exciting Updates on ‘Kannappa’: Prabhas’s Role Revelation and More!

By Rishi May 12, 2024 #kannappa #manchu vishnu #prabhas

Vishnu Manchu is fully immersed in his ambitious project, “Kannappa,” and he recently shared some exciting insights about the film in a video update. He expressed his delight at the overwhelming response the project received on social media.

Highlighting the buzz generated, Vishnu mentioned, “When we announced Prabhas joining the project, it immediately became the talk of the town, trending at the top spot on Twitter (India) under the entertainment category. ‘Kannappa’ boasts a stellar cast with powerful characters, and I aimed to have top stars bring these roles to life. While I initially approached Prabhas for a specific character, he expressed interest in another role after hearing the narration. Respectfully, we reshaped the character to fit his preference.”

Continuing his update, Vishnu added, “Prabhas embraced the character he was most passionate about. As we gradually unveil the cast, I urge everyone to refrain from jumping to conclusions or believing hearsay. We’re thrilled to present the tale of ‘Kannappa’ on the big screen, and I have some exciting news to share on Monday morning.”

By Rishi

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