Vishwak Sen: A Rising Telugu Actor and Admirer of NTR

By cinema manishi Feb 18, 2024 #vishwak sen

Discover Vishwak Sen, a rising star in Telugu cinema known for his exceptional talent and unwavering admiration for NTR, the legendary actor. In numerous interviews, Vishwak Sen has openly expressed his profound respect for NTR, acknowledging him as his idol and a source of inspiration throughout his career journey.

During a recent interview, Vishwak Sen revealed that he turned down a significant role in a blockbuster film featuring a top-tier hero, citing personal reasons for his decision. Despite feeling regretful about missing out on such an opportunity, he remained tight-lipped about the specifics behind his choice.

Speculations arose on social media following this revelation, suggesting that the film in question could be none other than “Devara,” helmed by acclaimed director Koratala Siva and starring NTR in the lead role. Rumors circulated that NTR personally extended the offer to Vishwak Sen for a pivotal role in the movie.

Meanwhile, Vishwak Sen is immersed in his commitments to two upcoming projects, “Gaami” and “Gangs of Godavari.” “Gaami” has already captured significant attention, with notable figures like Prabhas showing appreciation for its teaser. Stay tuned for further updates on Vishwak Sen’s ventures.

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