Ways To Encourage Your Baby To Move During different stages of Pregnancy

By Nikita Agrawal Apr 7, 2024 #pregnancy

The majority of foetal movements become noticeable between weeks 16 and 25 of pregnancy. Try having a snack, sipping some milk or orange juice, moving about, creating noise, or shifting positions to promote movement.

Clinicians recommend beginning daily kick counts at 28 weeksTrusted Source 

Tried-and-true tips:

•Have a snack. The spike in your blood sugar will have an effect on your baby, too, and can get them moving. Don’t overdo it on the sugary sweets, but a few pieces of chocolate is a reliable way to send a boost of energy directly to your baby.

•Drink something. Chug a glass of cold OJ or milk; the natural sugars and the chilly temperature of the drink are usually enough to spur movement in your baby. 

•Make some noise. Your baby’s sense of hearing is pretty developed halfway through the second trimester, so talking or singing to your baby, or even putting headphones on your stomach and playing music, might encourage them to start moving.

•Caffeinate (in moderation): No more than 200 milligrams (mg) of caffeine per day, but if you haven’t had your daily cuppa yet, the jolt of caffeine may have a similar effect as sugar on your baby.

•Check your position. If you’re standing up, lie down. If you’re already lying down, change sides

•Do quick, vigorous exercise. 

•Shine a flashlight on your tummy. Towards the middle of the second trimester, your baby may be able to tell the difference between light and dark; a moving light source may interest them

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