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Y. S. Jagan Mohan Reddy: A Glimpse into His Family Life

Yeduguri Sandinti Jagan Mohan Reddy, born on December 21, 1972, in Jammalamadugu, Kadapa, Andhra Pradesh, India, is not only the 17th Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh but also a family man with deep-rooted connections. Let’s delve into the details of Y. S. Jagan Mohan Reddy’s family life.

Family Background:

  • Father: Y. S. Jagan Mohan Reddy is the son of the late Yeduguri Sandinti Rajasekhara Reddy, a two-time Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh, widely known as YSR.
  • Mother: His mother is Y. S. Vijayamma.
  • Wife: Y. S. Jagan Mohan Reddy is married to Y. S. Bharathi.


Y. S. Jagan Mohan Reddy and Y. S. Bharathi are proud parents of two daughters:

  • Harsha Reddy
  • Varsha Reddy

Early Life and Education:

Born in Jammalamadugu, Y. S. Jagan Mohan Reddy pursued his education at Pragathi Mahavidyalaya Degree and PG College in Ram Koti, Hyderabad, where he graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce degree.

Current Designation and Political Career:

Currently serving as the 17th Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh, Y. S. Jagan Mohan Reddy began his political career with the Indian National Congress and later founded the YSR Congress Party.


The family’s current residence is located in Tadepalle, Vijayawada, Guntur District, Andhra Pradesh, India.

Religion and Community:

Y. S. Jagan Mohan Reddy practices Christianity and belongs to the OC (Other Christians) community.

Early Life and Background

Yeduguri Sandinti Jagan Mohan Reddy, born on December 21, 1972, in Jammalamadugu, Kadapa, Andhra Pradesh, is a prominent Indian politician currently holding the position of the 17th Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh. He is the son of the late Y. S. Rajasekhara Reddy, a former Chief Minister of the state.

Political Beginnings with Indian National Congress

Jagan Mohan Reddy initiated his political career within the Indian National Congress, securing the position of Member of Parliament for Kadapa in 2009. However, tragedy struck when his father passed away in a helicopter crash later that year, leading him to embark on the Odarpu Yatra, a consoling tour, to connect with the people across Andhra Pradesh.

Founding YSR Congress Party

Facing differences within the Congress Party leadership, Jagan Mohan Reddy took a decisive step by resigning from the party in 2010. Subsequently, he announced the formation of his own political entity, the YSR Congress Party, in March 2011. The party made a significant impact in by-polls in Kadapa district, and Jagan Mohan Reddy himself won the Kadapa constituency by a substantial margin.

Years as Leader of Opposition and Padayatra

Despite a setback in the 2014 elections, where YSRCP won 67 seats, Jagan Mohan Reddy continued his political journey. He launched the Praja Sankalpa Yatra, a 3,000-km-long walkathon, covering 125 Assembly segments over 430 days, reinforcing his connection with the people.

Election Triumph and Chief Ministership

In the 2019 elections, YSR Congress Party, under Jagan Mohan Reddy’s leadership, secured a landslide victory, winning 151 out of 175 assembly seats. Sworn in as the Chief Minister on May 30, 2019, Jagan Mohan Reddy introduced several welfare schemes, including Jagananna Amma Vodi and Navaratnalu, aimed at benefiting various sections of society.

Controversies and Capital Contention

Jagan Mohan Reddy’s tenure witnessed controversies, including an attack on him in 2018. His decision to reconsider the capital plans, proposing three different capitals, generated widespread protests. However, a March 2022 ruling by the Andhra Pradesh High Court directed the government to continue developing Amaravati, signaling a turning point in the capital dispute.

YS Jagan Mohan Reddy Family

Father nameYeduguri Sandinti Rajasekhara Reddy
Mother nameYS. Vijayamma imother
SpouseY S Bharathi
Date of Birth/DOB21 December 1972
Birth PlaceJammalamadugu, Kadapa, Andhra Pradesh, India

YS Jagan Mohan Reddy Family Photos

YS Jagan Mohan Reddy Daughters

Ms. Harsha Reddy is making headlines as she prepares to receive her postgraduate degree from INSEAD Business School in Fontainebleau, France. Currently employed in a software company, she had previously earned a degree from the esteemed London School of Economics (LSE) in the UK before pursuing further education at INSEAD in France. The graduation ceremony, scheduled for July 2, 2022, will be attended by Chief Minister Jaganmohan Reddy and his wife Bharathi, who are proud parents of Ms. Harsha.

The Reddy family has maintained a low profile, especially concerning their daughters. Ms. Varsha Reddy, the younger daughter, is pursuing studies at a university in Notre Dame, Indiana, USA. Despite their family’s illustrious political background, the Reddy sisters are known for their humility, not flaunting the positions held by their grandfather and father.

The close bond between the Reddy sisters and their late grandfather, Dr. Rajasekhara Reddy, is highlighted by sources close to the family. Dr. Reddy, known for his love of books, instilled a passion for reading in the girls by presenting them with books of various genres. This intellectual curiosity led Ms. Harsha to LSE and later to INSEAD for her business education.

During Jaganmohan Reddy’s period of incarceration from May 27, 2012, to September 23, 2013, Ms. Bharathi, his wife, took extra measures to shield their daughters from the challenges faced by their father. The girls were kept in a hostel, away from media campaigns and misinformation, minimizing their exposure to the turmoil surrounding Jagan’s legal battles. Despite the distance, the family maintained a strong connection through communication systems, providing love and support to the daughters.

In an interview, Ms. Bharathi expressed the family’s eagerness to inquire about Jagan’s well-being during the challenging times. The narrative also touches upon an unfulfilled desire mentioned in YS Vijayamma’s book, ‘Naalo…Naatho… YSR,’ where Ms. Bharathi had expressed her wish to send her kids to their grandfather when they turned 17 for a two-year guardianship, a desire that remained unrealized.

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