6 Protein-Rich Pulses Perfect for Summer: Creative Ways to Enjoy Them

By Rishi May 28, 2024 #Summer

As the weather heats up, our diets often shift towards lighter, cooler foods. Pulses – the delicious, protein-packed legumes that include lentils, chickpeas, and beans – are a perfect fit for summer. They’re versatile, nutritious, and can be used in a variety of refreshing, seasonal dishes. Pulses are a nutritional powerhouse, providing excellent sources of protein, fiber, and essential nutrients, making them perfect for summer.

Summer-Friendly Pulses

Chickpeas (Garbanzo Beans) Chickpeas are ideal for salads, dips like hummus, and veggie burgers. Add them to a fresh cucumber and tomato salad, blend them into a smooth hummus for a healthy dip, or roast with spices for a crunchy snack.

Lentils Lentils cook quickly and are great for salads and soups. Prepare a lentil salad with chopped veggies and a lemon vinaigrette or cook a lentil soup with seasonal vegetables for a light meal.

Black Beans Black beans are perfect for salads, salsas, and burrito bowls. Toss them into a corn and avocado salad, mix with rice and veggies for a burrito bowl, or use them as a base for black bean burgers.

Mung Beans Mung beans can be sprouted or cooked, making them versatile. Add sprouted mung beans to salads, stir them into a light stir-fry with seasonal veggies, or use cooked mung beans in a summer soup.

Split Peas Split peas are great for soups and casseroles. Make a chilled split pea soup with mint or add them to a vegetable stew for added protein and fiber.

Navy Beans Navy beans are small and creamy, perfect for salads and light soups. Use them in a Mediterranean bean salad with olives and feta, or blend them into a white bean dip with garlic and herbs.

Tips for Incorporating Pulses into Your Summer Diet:

Properly Soak Pulses: Before cooking, soak pulses to release phytic acid, enhancing nutrient absorption and improving digestibility. This simple step ensures you get the most out of these nutritious summer-friendly foods.

Mix with Fresh Vegetables: Combine cooked pulses with fresh vegetables, herbs, and light dressings for refreshing salads.

Blend into Creamy Dips: Create creamy dips like hummus or bean spreads for nutritious snacks.

Use as a Base for Chilled Soups: Add pulses to chilled soups for a nutritious twist on summer meals.

Sprout Pulses: Sprout pulses like mung beans to enhance their nutritional value and add a crunchy texture to salads.

Enjoy the versatility and nutritional benefits of pulses by incorporating them into your summer diet, making your meals lighter, healthier, and more refreshing.

By Rishi

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