7 Food Combinations to Avoid for Digestive Health

By Rishi May 13, 2024 #digestive health

Your meals play a vital role in your overall health, but according to Ayurveda, it’s not just about what you eat, but how you combine your foods that can significantly affect your well-being. The concept of ‘Viruddha Ahaar’ warns against improper food combinations, which can lead to the accumulation of ama or toxins in the body, disrupting digestion and causing health issues.

While some food combinations enhance nutrient absorption and digestion, others can hinder it. Let’s explore Ayurvedic insights on common food combinations:

Fruit and Milk: Ayurveda advises against combining fruit and milk due to potential digestive issues. This pairing may lead to fermentation in the stomach, resulting in bloating and discomfort. Mangoes are an exception and can be enjoyed with milk if they are sweet.

Palak and Paneer: Despite being nutritious individually, combining spinach (palak) and paneer (Indian cheese) may not be ideal. The calcium in paneer can interfere with the absorption of iron from spinach, reducing the overall nutritional benefits of the meal.

Honey and Hot Water: Heating honey can diminish its nutritional properties, while mixing it with very hot water may create harmful compounds. Ayurveda recommends consuming honey in lukewarm or room temperature water to preserve its health benefits.

Date and Milk: Pairing calcium-rich milk with iron-rich dates might hinder iron absorption, especially for individuals with anemia. While occasional consumption is fine, making it a habit may reduce overall iron uptake from the meal.

Ice Cream and Gulab Jamun: Combining hot and cold foods can disrupt digestion and lead to bloating or discomfort. Hot foods increase blood flow to aid digestion, while cold foods slow it down, causing constriction of blood vessels in the stomach.

Tea with Meals: Tea contains antinutrients like tannin and caffeine, which can hinder the absorption of iron and calcium. Avoid consuming tea with breakfast or snacks to ensure optimal nutrient absorption.

Milk and Fish: According to Ayurveda, combining milk and fish is considered incompatible, leading to indigestion and toxin buildup in the body.

By understanding and respecting these principles of food combining, you can optimize digestion and promote overall health according to Ayurvedic wisdom.

By Rishi

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