Anjali’s Geethanjali Malli Vachindi to Premiere on Aha: OTT Release Date Announced

Anjali, the acclaimed Telugu actress, is set to make her mark again with a significant role in Ram Charan’s upcoming project, Game Changer. At the same time, her latest venture, Geethanjali Malli Vachindi, a horror comedy, is drawing interest as it prepares for its debut on streaming platforms.

Aha, the popular OTT service, has secured the rights to the film and has announced that it will premiere on May 8, 2024. Although Geethanjali Malli Vachindi didn’t make a major splash in theaters, there’s a buzz surrounding its release on OTT, with viewers eagerly anticipating how the film will fare in the digital space.

The movie features an ensemble cast including Srinivas Reddy, Satyam Rajesh, Satya, Shakalaka Shankar, Sunil, Ali, Ravi Shankar, Rahul Madhav, and more. Produced by Kona Venkat and MVV Satyanarayana, the film also features a soundtrack by Pravin Lakkaraju. Keep an eye out for more updates on upcoming OTT releases, as this could be one to watch.

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