Manjummel Boys: These Two Scenes on OTT Spark Widespread Discussion

Manjummel Boys,” a breakout success in Mollywood, has carved its place as the highest-grossing film in the industry’s history thanks to its compelling storyline. Directed by Chidambaram, the movie is now streaming on Disney Plus Hotstar, available in multiple languages including Telugu.

Since its debut on the OTT platform, two scenes have generated significant buzz. The first scene showcases a seamless transition from the childhood innocence of Sreenath Bhasi’s character, Subhash, to a dramatic cave encounter. This captivating sequence has been praised for its artistic brilliance and is celebrated as one of the finest transitions in Indian cinema.

Another scene that has caught viewers’ attention features the poignant use of the popular song ‘Kammani’ from Kamal Haasan’s ‘Guna’ during a dramatic rescue sequence in the film’s climax. These two standout moments have captivated audiences on OTT, with some lamenting that they missed the opportunity to experience these moments in theaters.

The film features exceptional performances from a talented ensemble cast including Soubin Shahir, Sreenath Bhasi, Balu Varghese, Ganapathi S Poduval, and Lal Jr. Produced by Soubin Shahir, Babu Shahir, and Shawn Antony under the Parava Films banner, “Manjummel Boys” also boasts a captivating soundtrack by Sushin Shyam, adding to the film’s emotional depth and appeal

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