Capturing Precious Family Time: KGF Director Prashanth Neel’s Heartwarming Moment

By cinema manishi Mar 30, 2024 #prashant neel

Today, Likitha Reddy Neel, wife of renowned filmmaker Prashanth Neel, shared a touching moment on Instagram as their family celebrated her birthday. Likitha captioned the post with heartfelt words, “Celebrating her..maa..The solace in our lives,” accompanied by hashtags #bestmomever and #bestestgrandmotherever.

In a previous interview during the release of “Salaar,” Prashanth Neel candidly reflected on his dedication to cinema, acknowledging his shortcomings in family roles. However, the recent family photo suggests a reconnection with cherished family moments, hinting at a shift in priorities for the acclaimed director.

Amidst personal celebrations, Prashanth Neel continues his creative journey, currently engrossed in scripting the much-anticipated “Salaar: Shouryaanga Parvam,” featuring Prabhas in the lead role. The film is slated to commence production later this year, promising another cinematic spectacle from the visionary filmmaker.

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