Prabhas Gears Up to Channel Lord Shiva in Kannappa

By cinema manishi Mar 30, 2024 #prabhas

Tollywood’s Manchu Vishnu has sparked excitement with the revelation of his upcoming Pan India project, “Kannappa,” centered around the devout follower of Lord Shiva, Bhaktha Kannappa. The film boasts an impressive ensemble cast, including veteran Tollywood icon Mohan Babu and acclaimed Malayalam actor Mohanlal. However, what truly ignites curiosity is the inclusion of Tollywood superstar Prabhas, set to portray the role of Lord Shiva in “Kannappa.”

Interestingly, Prabhas’s uncle and esteemed Tollywood actress, Krishnam Raju, had previously essayed the character of Kannappa in the classic film, “Bhaktha Kannappa,” earning widespread acclaim and box office success. Fans had long hoped for Prabhas to reprise the iconic role, echoing the sentiments expressed by Krishnam Raju himself. Despite the clamor for a remake starring Prabhas, the actor has opted to join Manchu Vishnu’s ambitious project.

Renowned for their enduring friendship since childhood, it was Vishnu who approached Prabhas with the proposition to embody Lord Shiva in “Kannappa,” a request to which the latter graciously acceded. This venture marks another significant devotional portrayal for Prabhas, following his portrayal of Lord Rama in “Aadipurush.”

Excitement is mounting as Prabhas is set to commence filming on April 12th at Ramoji Film City, dedicating 4-5 days to the production. With Vishnu and Prabhas uniting forces, “Kannappa” promises to captivate audiences with its grandeur and spiritual resonance.

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