Chiranjeevi’s Admirable Words for Teja Sajja’s Film Odyssey at SIFF

Teja Sajja embarked on his cinematic voyage as a child artist, gracing the screen alongside the legendary Megastar Chiranjeevi in iconic films like “Chudalani Undhi” and “Indra.” Today, he stands tall, having delivered a monumental success with “HanuMan,” grossing over 300 crores and leaving even the Megastar himself in awe.

In a candid conversation with renowned film critic Rajeev Masand at SIFF, Chiranjeevi showered praise upon Teja Sajja. When asked if there was a particular film he wished to be a part of, Chiranjeevi revealed his desire to create a cinematic masterpiece centered around Lord Hanuman, a dream he couldn’t fulfill for various reasons.

Reflecting on his unfulfilled aspiration, Megastar Chiranjeevi expressed immense satisfaction witnessing Teja Sajja bring the tale of Hanuman to life on screen. He fondly reminisced, “I had envisioned a film on Hanuman, but it’s heartening to see the young lad in the jacket (Teja Sajja) accomplish it. Teja, who once shared the screen with me as a child artist, has not only grown to admire and draw inspiration from my work but has now garnered nationwide acclaim. He is more than just a colleague; he is family to me, and I take pride in his accomplishments. Teja’s journey, devoid of any film lineage, is a testament to his unwavering dedication and hard work.”

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